mindful. ethical. artisanal chocolate alchemy

The Belicious Mission:

   For the consumers who care about where their food comes from and desire high quality and beyond organic standards, comes an education about the amazing nutritional values of the cacao bean in its pure form, as well as coconut sugar and many other ingredients. It is our desire to allow consumers to taste the alchemy of true passion while providing an alternative option to low quality and quantity driven chocolate. 
Our handmade, artisan dark chocolate bars are available completely raw, or with added roasted Ecuadorian cacao.  All of our bars are made with low glycemic coconut sugar as an alternative that tastes delicious and helps one to enjoy all the benefits of the cacao bean in it's purest form.  We add the finest organic ingredients to create bold and exciting flavors.
There are many injustices and human rights violations within the chocolate industry.
 We choose to support and buy only from companies who align with our ideals of human rights, provide living wages, and ensure the highest organic practices.  
In joy!  

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